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Bull Exports has everything to satisfy your international trade needs.

Search of suppliers

We search and verify the suppliers that supply your product. We will select the supplier in relation to your buyer profile, adapting to your purchase quantities.

Samples management

Product samples when we import from China is a key step in our business success. We will take care of scheduling samples for new vendors we plan to work with in the future.


We deal with suppliers of your product face to face, fighting to get the best price for you. This is the true value added of Bull Exports, and what we are better at. Learn more about our dealers here


We check the certification of your merchandise in customs before you make the first payment to the supplier, in this way, we ensure the import from the first moment.



Complete logistics management both at origin and destination. We collect the merchandise at the supplier’s address and transport it to the port. Once the merchandise arrives at the destination port, we manage customs clearance and deliver to the customer’s address.

Customs duty

We will inform you of the tariff of your product, so that at all times you know the different taxes of your item. In addition, all the procedures are confirmed by our customs agents, thus avoiding delays when the merchandise reaches its destination.


We take care of preparing and organizing all the documentation required by customs, both at origin and destination. In this way we not only get our client to worry about it, but also streamline each of the import stages.

International consulting

If you need any international query about tariffs, anti-dumping fees, shipments in international ports, taxes, exports, or any other information not corresponding to your country, we will carry out this query for you.

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